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Launch money storage in a matter of months

Single API access to launch, customize and maintain your product

Grow your user base without constraints

Unlimited deposit inflow and the freedom to innovate

Economics you can plan around

Competitive accounts with a transparent pricing model

Improve customer experience and reward customer loyalty

Access our future proof money storage platform to give your customers always -on, resilient embedded banking solutions.


Unlock new revenue streams

Drive retention

Upgrade your solutions

Answer untapped needs

Grow your reach

The world’s first integrated direct treasury solution for T-Bills

Your customers:

Easy integration and support for success

Jiko’s fully integrated solutions empower brands or businesses with money storage needs. It’s an ideal solution for:

With our microservices architecture and API-first design, Jiko integrates easily to embed innovative banking and money storage solutions. Secure and scalable, our embeddable solutions are a means to navigate and harness evolving client needs, market conditions and consumer expectations.

Benefit from:

Minimal deployment and platform costs

Deep integration support

Marketing and sales support

Revenue sharing opportunities

When it comes to working with vendors, we believe less is more

We provide single API access with easy integration to the full set of money storage and movement services, eliminating the need for most other third-party vendors

Access the following:

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