A new foundation for money

An innovative way to save, invest, and spend

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Put your money to work

The first place to store, spend and invest.

No hidden bank fees, savings account transfer limits, or account minimums.

Your money is invested in government-backed securities.1

Liquidate a portion of your investment in real time when you swipe your debit card.

You get 100% Of the earnings

Your earnings may be
Tax exempt
At the state and local level 2

1 year portfolio performance3: 1.71% (as an equivalent annualized yield)


A rewarding debit experience

Earn 1% cashback on qualifying purchases.

No credit risk or credit score qualifications.

No minimum balance required to earn rewards.

No cap on how much cash back you can earn.

We’ve made cashback simple, accessible and straightforward for all.

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Virtual and online spending

Peace of mind

Control, safety, and privacy

Attention to detail when it comes to your money and data.

Transparency at the core

Our model was created with transparency in mind. That’s why you know exactly where your money is at all times, the exact earnings your money generates, and how Jiko makes money.

Powered by T-bills

Your funds are invested in US government-backed Treasury Bills in increments of $100, regarded as one of the most trustworthy financial assets in the world by investors, and insured by SIPC.1

Unprecedented control

Jiko Portals allow you to generate unique bank account numbers for different transactions. This reduces the risk of fraudulent charges and gives you unprecedented control when it comes to managing payments.

Added security

The debit cards we issue don’t display a card number, expiration date, or CVV, are PIN protected, and members can easily turn the card on or off from the Jiko app.

Privacy is a precious asset

Privacy is a most precious asset: Jiko refuses to share or sell your data to third-parties. Our app doesn’t use external cookies or tracking for analytics or advertising.

A Trustworthy Financial Institution

As a trustworthy financial institution combining a licensed broker dealer, a national bank, and an innovative technology company, we’re proud to comply with the industry standards from federal regulators.

Jiko Cutting Edge Features

Spendable T-Bills Experience

A new kind of account that keeps your money invested in Treasury Bills1, and liquidates them in real time as needed when you make a purchase.

Jiko Solid Debit Card

A safe and rewarding spending experience with unlimited 1% cash back, no risk of debt, and no credit score restrictions.

Safe connection portals

Generate multiple unique bank account numbers to safely manage ACH transactions and payments.

About Jiko

A trailblazer with a mission to make finance safe, reliable and rewarding for everyone.

The idea for Jiko came from the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis, when our team experienced the balance sheet and technology limits of the current money system while working on Wall Street. Witnessing what big banking had done to individual deposits, our team united around the idea that there must be another way to protect citizens' hard earned cash.

Since the company’s official founding in 2017, we have raised over $50M from investors who also believe that the system doesn’t have to be predatory to be profitable. In September 2020, Jiko became the first fintech to acquire a national bank, and we’re now building an innovative, trusted financial platform to offer a new way to store, invest and spend: A new foundation for money.

In the media

“Rather than ceding the yield on those investments to the typical bank, which takes deposits and buys Treasuries or lends out the money, the Jiko customer keeps it.”

“Jiko is a very different kind of bank that invests consumer deposits directly into U.S. treasury bills, allowing them to reap a higher yield.”

"When you open an account with Jiko it doesn’t hold your deposits itself on its balance sheet and immediately converts them into T-Bills. That means that you then get the returns from these T-Bills.”

“Jiko’s unusual, slow-and-steady approach isn't its only point of differentiation... (it's) the peace of mind in knowing one's funds are secured with government debt."

The Jiko Membership


Due to high demand, access to Jiko membership is currently on an invite-only basis. You can join the waitlist of 50,000 to be contacted when membership is available.

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